Life's a Beach  LbNA # 9107 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerSteve and Heidi      
Placed DateJul 2 2004
LocationGarden City, SC
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South Carolina Letterboxes

Gone...missing...lasted a whole 2 weeks : (

Life's a Beach

A quick drive-by letterbox in Garden City, SC. It's only about a 5 minute drive from the main business drag, but a cute little community park

Directions: Follow Route 17-Business south from the junction of Route 544. Down towards Tupelo Bay Golf Course, turn left onto Pine Avenue. Follow this road south past the Garden City Baptist Church. At the end of the road, travel straight into the parking area for the Garden City Community Park.

Clues: Bring the kids and let them enjoy the playground, then head out to the end of the boardwalk to enjoy the scenery of the marsh. Across the marsh you'll see tons of vacation homes, most of them are actually seasonal homes or rentals.

Now, turn around and head back on the boardwalk but stop just a few feet before the little sitting area in the Gazebo. Look left over the railing, mentally mark this spot. Then go around the gazebo and walk on the grass back to your mark. Check under the boardwalk ontop of the first support piling to find this letterbox. It is literally just sitting up on the 2''x10'' supports. Stamp in and re-hide carefully.

Carving by The Engraver, placed by Steve, Heidi, and Madras

Last known find: 7/4/04

The Putt-Putt Letterbox

This is a quick tag-along to the Drew's Sculptured Oak Series in Myrtle Beach State Park. The park is located on Route 17- Business just north of the Junction with Route 544.

Clues: First find the Grand Strand Letterbox. Follow the clues towards Sculptured Oak and when you make a right at the "confusing intersection" note how the trail then bends sharply left. 10 Paces up-trail from this bend, find a large stump at 270. The Putt-Putt letterbox lies in wait in the right-front face.

Please Re-hide very well, this box can be seen from the trail if special care is not taken!

Last known find: 9/6/04

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