Round the Squares  LbNA # 9109 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 30 2004
LocationSanta Rosa, CA
Planted ByMimulus    
Found By sky
Last Found Dec 1 2004
Hike Distance?

NOTE: As of 1/24/05 this series has been retired. Box #2 has gone missing, which makes 3 out of 4 gone. I removed the last box as a keepsake as this was my first ever letterbox hunt and I wanted a memento. I am leaving the it is a nice walk around downtown Santa Rosa.

This could also be called the Sculpture stroll because it takes you past many public pieces of art. If you are an Alfred Hitchcock fan you will be especially pleased to see locations used in Shadow of a Doubt.

Roundtrip distance: approximately mile and one half.
Plenty of free parking at the mall.

You will pass many coffeeshops (no need to patronize the Mermaid), as well as other shops, restaurants, two museums, and several small parks. Have fun!

It once was the home of judgement
Due to earthquake by a road it is rent
Start on the west side
You're off on your stride
A drive to reunite the square is recent

Everyone needs a helping hand, lord
It is to this landmark make toward
Turn the corner, head west
In its palm you can rest
Then stand facing north and walk forward

It was built by one, hopefully, in heaven
Then moved to a street with a seven
Keep walking north
Away from fourth
And spy the home for an art maven

Near the parking lot you'll find your first stamp
On the pavement, not grass, please do tramp
Hollow trees there are two
The short one is the clue
It is also next to a wheelchair ramp
NOTE: THIS BOX MIA 7/24/04--to be replaced

NEW BOX #1 CLUE--replaced 7/27/04
Pass the museum and turn south at the corner. On your left you will see the NW corner of the garage, and a break in the concrete wall. Enter at this break and you will see a staircase ahead. Just to the left in the corner wedged between the wall and an upright concrete support beam you should find the box. oops! this box is missing again! 11/28/04...I will try to replace by Jan 2005.

Head south and then west to skirt concrete towers
It is a monument to auto's powers
It is useful I guess
For hiding the mess
But I would rather see more flowers

Standing before the 101 din and drone
Turn left and south all alone
You'll eventually reach
A pedestrian beach
Pay attention to traffic and not to cellphones

Head west towards the oncoming train
It stood long ago as a holder for rain
You're back now on fourth
Does it feel back and forth?
At least it's quaint, unlike the past which were plain

Just beyond the freeway overpass
But before the station selling gas
A shop's front corner facing west
Is a hiding place that's best
Look in the ivy not the grass

Stop and greet two friends from the papers
Some even leave votives and lit tapers
Blank brittle, and blank butter
Are clues to the clutter
Then turn south to continue the capers

Keep walking and obey the traffic light
Past the fancy hotel not on your right
bear left at bridge no regrets
look for herons and egrets
Playing along the creek in water and flight

Take either the upstream high road or low
Past the rainbow bridge you will go
The name is a mystery
By day you won't see
But only at night will you know

Look above for a comet on a sphere
Then for stainless high chairs that are near
Check for the hidden door
Down near the floor
A magnet helps the letterbox adhere

Upstream past the frog and the Prince you stroll
Under the bridge beware the homeless troll
Did you notice the art?
It's silly and smart
And sometimes oh so droll

Look for the waving stars and bars
Start walking south but mind the cars
Find the white daisy
Soak your feet if you're lazy
The letterbox is hidden not very far

The 4th letterbox is now within reach
Search in the planters on the brick beach
This man was so smart
His livelihood, art
Now go see what the gardens can teach
(NOTE: MIA as of 9/3/04)

To return to your starting point simply walk north along the main north/south street several blocks.

Please let me know how you find the condition of the boxes.