Hiking Man  LbNA # 9119

OwnerDoublesaj & Old Blue    
Placed DateJun 28 2004
LocationJackson Hole, WY
Found By blues moon
Last Found Aug 5 2012
Hike Distance?

This box is dedicated to The Green Tortuga, one of the greatest hiking men in letterbox-dom.

Difficulty: Requires a ferry ride plus 1/2 mile moderate climb with about 100' of vertical OR a 2 1/2 mile hike around the lake, easy for "hiking men" moderate for the rest of us.

Fee: $20 to get into the Teton park which inclued a 7-day pass to the whole area including the "big" park to the north. Ferry ride round trip is $9.50 per person.

Being predominantly an indoor person, I admire people who derive pleasure from nature. Letterboxing has taken me to spectacular places and gotten me to appreciate the great outdoors more. I thank you all for inspiring me to do so!

Clues: Hidden Falls is on the other side of Jenny Lake in the G. Tetons. The hiking trail is well marked and the ferry ride is short and fun. Whichever way you choose to go, just before you arrive at the Hidden Falls viewing area, you'll see a couple of signs to your left. One says "Hitchrach" and the other "No horses beyond this point". Travel 62 steps up this trail and spy 3 huge trees on your left with a stump in the middle. The box hides under rocks on the north side of the middle tree. NOTE: We've placed the box on TOP of a rock also to keep it off the wet/snowy ground. A good idea for all boxes.

This is my best stamp to date, hand-carved and inspired by a wonderful woodcarver in Martha's Vineyard by the name of Waters.