Tea for One  LbNA # 9136 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 9 2004
LocationAlpharetta, GA
Found By BrewHiker
Last Found Jan 23 2009
Hike Distance?

Tea for One


Welcome to Eavsiz Nomm!
This invitation to tea
Will bring thee to our fairy ring
We’ll share our cup with thee.

Once thou hast arrived
And set thy carriage yon,
Thou shall see a little house
With horseshoe nAiled upon.

Now pass this little privy,
Toward the trail beyond
And start into the woodland fair
Toward our fairy home.

The trail turns here and there
So watch out for the signs
Often thoU will pass a number
Denoting oak or pine.

The number 2 is there
To mark the Hawthorne Tree.
Our Friend Hawthorne makes a fruit
For birds—and for jellies!

Stray not from the path
For trolls are all about!
Beware the monkeys on the trail!
They’re sure to wanT thee out!

Along the trail will be
A bench to sit upon.
There may be as many as six,
(Unless the troll took one.)

Thou will see a number 5.
Loblolly Pine is theRe.
Friend Hawk perches atop her
One hundred feet in the air.

Do not be taken in
By paths that go nowhere.
Follow the trail towards the left
And cross the bridge from there.

Before the second bridge,
The trail again dividEs.
Thou must take the path that curves
Toward thy leftmost side.

Along the trail also
Thou shalt see an overlook.
Take a peek, but not too long,
Please hurry to our nook!

When thou seest the 8
And the loftY wires,
Go straight ahead toward Sal’s Creek
Toward our fairy fires.

As thou cross the easement,
The terraces thou may see.
For once this was a working farm,
(Flower-seeded in ’93.)

Through the woods thou travel
To see our lovely rill.
But thou must reMember this:
All water flows downhill.

The number 11 soon appears
To mark our “Sweetest” Gum.
Rest thee one last time before
Thou reach our woodland home.

Nearest to our sweet retreat,
Thou shall see a sIgn
Marked as (Sal) Creek Overlook.
It’s almost tea time.

Step up to the leftmost path.
Thou can glimpse the stream.
Then seven hefty steps to reach
The path to fairy ring.

Walk quietly toward the ring.
Five benches thou will see.
Thou are onLy thirty-two steps
Away from fairy tea.

Mark the center of the ring,
Three benches left, two right.
Twelve o’clock will be ahead
(120* on thy sight.)

Take tweLve giant steps
Watch out for the vines!
Then turn thy body two hours right.
(For two o’clock is tea time.)

Take twenty giant steps
Over log and leaf
In front of thee, behind the log
Is thou cup of tea.

We hope thou hast enjoyed
Our woodland fairy tea.
Thou mayst return a different route
Following Sal Creek.

Before thou should walk away,
Please rehide our “bowl.”
We must keep our secret safe
From the monkeys and the trolls!