Breast Cancer  LbNA # 9172

Placed DateJul 11 2004
LocationSkamania, WA
Found By Maiden1974
Last Found Mar 31 2005
Hike Distance?

Go to Beacon Rock. Climb to the top and count the number of boards on the way down. Divide the number by the number of handrails. Take that number plus the square root of the number of benches and multipy by the number of steps up the 15th switchback. At the gate, use that number and walk that many steps back down, or until you get your wind back. At the Beacon Rock Trail sign go up a bit. Around the bend a ways is a big tree on the left. The roots are large and visable. They stretch out and up the hill. Right before that tree is a rock type wall or fence or something that looks likes rocks deliberatly lined up along side the trail. Down hill of the biggest rock and under a smaller rock, near a smaller tree is the box. Directly across the trail is a hugh mossy rock. I then took 22 down hill, gimpy steps to the wood pole across the trail. Then I took 47 down hill, gimpy steps to the sharp corner and another 44 down hill, gimpy steps back to the Beacon Rock Trail sign. Then I went back to the picnic table to find my friends, drink lots of water, and ponder why I climbed the big rock in the first place.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Get your mammogram, hold your honey's hand while she goes to get hers done, and find this box with a loved one.

Happy Hunting and let me know if you were able to enjoy this box, Pupp (Team Nashoba)