Window to the Soul  LbNA # 9183

Placed DateJul 11 2004
LocationSkamania, WA
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Hike Distance?

Status: Alive and well
Last reported: 7/11/04
Hitchhiker friendly? Yes
Child friendly? Yes
Wheelchair friendly? Most of the way yes.
Time: About half an hour including stamping in

St. Cloud Trail

Level: Easy Universal Access
Amount of Use: Moderate
The footpath is about a mile long, meandering through a 50-year-old apple orchard. A pleasant spot for picnics (5 areas) with access to the Columbia River and a view of Multnomah Falls. To reach the trail, travel west of Stevenson on Highway 14 for about 14 miles. Travel three miles west of Skamania Landing and the Skamania General Store, then turn south 0.1 miles past milepost 30 off Highway 14.

I traveled past the bathroom and around the loop. Watch off to your right, there will be a trail into the bushes. Follow the path 44 steps. You should see the river to your left and a hole in the bushes to your right. Guess which one the letterbox is in? It's under the roots of a tree weighted down with rocks. I'm hoping it won't wash away, but not holding my breath!