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Celestial Motion  LbNA # 9197

Placed DateJan 1 1990
CountyNew London
LocationMystic, CT
Found By quiltjoy
Last Found Apr 23 2017
Hike Distance?

Celestial Motion

The first lunar eclipse of the third millennium came on a January evening:

With sunset over my daughter's shoulder

Our shadows poured out across the frozen pond and

Nicked this evening's rising moon in a flood of earthshadow.

This particular alignment,

Sun earth moon in line and

Father daughter side by side in

Streaming light and casting shadow.

Easy (except one steep scramble) 1½ miles for three letterboxes: 1-2 hours.

dnoP ebeeB lies inland of evoC ebeeB on CT Rte. 215 between Mystic and Noank. Park at the small lot just east of Foshtown Rd and walk in on the upper trail heading 333°. Soon fork left on 330° to pass a beautifully made big-block stone dam and hike upstream to dnoP ebeeB. Turn right on the white blazed trail for a counterclockwise loop.

The trail will bend right around wetlands on the eastern end of the pond and then turn north. Crossing through a stone wall, turn 15 steps uphill on 134° to find the Lunar Letterbox in the wall on your right.

Continue north on the trail and then bend west, passing a big erratic perched on a knoll to your right behind a strangely-axed chestnut. Turn left at the "T" on 265°. Next fork left (250°) and watch on your left for an unmarked path heading 160° out to a peninsula in the pond. From the outcrop of rock at the end, take a bearing of 230° on the wall and then bushwhack down there to find the Earthen Letterbox on the far side, down low.

Returning to the trail, turn left to continue your loop. It's less carefully blazed here, but right away you can fork left and cross westwards along the northern top of the pond. The trail will finally bend left to the south along the western shore. Climb gently on the hillside above the pond and enter a boulder field in a young stand of smooth-barked beech trees. The scattered boulders on the hillside will lead to a blocky ledge overhead. When the trail gives you a large chest-high ferny rock on the left, cut steeply uphill to the west between ledges. At the top, take a few steps north to a rounded boulder perched on the ledge: the Solar Letterbox is tucked under the eastern lip.

Scrambling back down to the trail it's only a short way to the bottom of the pond. Cross the outlet stream and turn right back to the beginning.

Our next lunar eclipse will be December 14, 2001. My daughter and I plan to get out to the pond to see it!