Fourths  LbNA # 9234

Placed DateApr 21 2003
Location???, CT
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 28 2014
Hike Distance?


First Thirds, Second Fourths
(Confirmed missing June 2014)
Eric can take heart that something in man keeps us searching. Cave people and the cliff dwellers to the east could find these. Facing toward the right opening in the big wall, look for tree hugging hunters among the beech.

Then Fifths:
The Ram and the coyote climb high up the cliff and take in views from horizon to the sun's fire. Knowing that the Ram's ring of power is found thirty degrees west and twenty steps beyond, coyote can look east. Howling at the moon to call Ram, the coyote rounded the corner to the boulder.

And Sixths:
"Howling," thought Eric? "A coyote's snout in the air? These are points to help me find happiness? It must be easier to figure out!"