now leaving greendale  LbNA # 9277

Placed DateOct 6 2003
Location???, MA
Found By???
Last UpdateSep 28 2014


now leaving greendale

now leaving greendale
eastern hills of massachusetts

hemenway hill, 300
buck hill, 80
duck pool, 170
wolcott hill, 270

at the hilltop spot that has views westwards, turn to face the pine forest and hold your arms up level in a circle like a big hug. imagine a loop trail in that shape back in the woods, with an entrance/exit at each of your elbows. out ahead where your fingertips would meet, if your arms were a hundred yards long, there is a large glacial stone with the top cracked off like a 3-minute egg or an open jewelry box. just behind it is another, much smaller split stone. oh, and everything you want in a town.