buttermilk trail west #1, railroad tressel  LbNA # 9288 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 11 2004
CountyRichmond city
LocationRichmond, VA
Planted Bywytch hunters gang    
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********Box is missing after aug.30th floods, will re-hide when we have a stamp carved ***********************************

This is a strenuous hike, but a five and seven year old helped to hide the box. The west leg of the trail is approx. 1 mile, then another 1/2 or so back to your car. This is the first box in a series, more boxes to follow.

Directions: Take Powhite PKWY South to Forest Hill exit. (This is a toll road, have 35 cents ready.) Turn left onto Forest Hill, take a left onto Westover Hills BLVD. At the light on Westover Hills BLVD take a left onto New Kent Ave. Go straight at the stop sign. Second right is Riverside Dr.( You will see a big white house on the right corner. There is a gap between two legs of riverside drive. You want to use the first one using these directions.) the entrace to the trail will be on your left. You will see where the guard rail is open for the trail. that is the only marking (no gaurd rail). parking is along the road, although we would suggest parking somewhere along new kent ave.

Buttermilk Trail West #1 - The Railroad Bridge

At the fork, you begin to descend the beast
A pile of concrete to the left for your eyes to feast
Forget that now, turn and go south east

After the fork, a descent you will make
Back and forth the trail will snake
Steep and rocky, keep on the brake

Clamber the log that blocks the trail
Turn east at the fork, lest ye shall wail
Two more times the blocking logs assail

The foot bridge proves you’ve gone the right course
Now your path is shadowed left by the iron horse
You’re nearer now to the bell ringing source

Stop at the rock between mighty fallen trees of size
Look for the overhead arcing tree, cast up your eyes
At the arcs southern trunk you’ve found your prize

*If you turn and look up river, especially during the fall when the foliage is sparse, you can see the railroad bridge that spans the James River.

There is a geocache nearby too !!!!

To get back to your car, follow the trail all the through, walk up the steep hill away from the nickle bridge and take a right onto Riverside Dr. Your car will be at the end of this leg of Riverside Dr.