Starry View  LbNA # 9324

OwnerWed. Bowler, C. Cat    
Placed DateJul 13 2004
LocationHigh Bridge, NJ
Found By Eidolon
Last Found Sep 3 2013
Hike Distance?

Box planted 7-13-2004 by High Desert Glider, adopted by Wednesday Bowler and Celtic Cat 10-18-2011.


Length of hunt: 1/4-mile each way along a nature trail/scale model solar system walk.

Take Rte.513 up the hill out of High Bridge. Turn left into the NJAA Observatory/Scenic View entrance road. Drive up the hill and park at the scenic view parking on the left to begin this hunt.

"Sit at the bench and enjoy the view,
when you've gathered your strength, a journey awaits you;
your quest begins to the right, behind the sign,
a voyage, outer to inner, of the planets nine;
beyond Pluto, at this scale, are stars afar,
Denver, CO, the closest, you'd get to by car;
the God of the Underworld rules the next destination,
while the God of the Sea was discovered by equation;
tipped on its side with 21-years per season,
people smirk at this name for good reason;
as we pass by the giant one who could float in a bath,
we come to the king that protects us from cometary wrath;
then pass through the belt whose girth is quite grand,
to come to the place where mankind soon hopes to land;
continue past our home to our lovely and beautiful sister,
past the messenger to the one who if you touch, you'll blister;
now here is the place to revel in celestial glory,
but there's one more chapter to our little story;
head back to the place where a soldier of WAR would rest,
then reach behind and under to see if you've passed the test!"