A Day in the Park  LbNA # 934

OwnerCahillys of Dumont    
Placed DateAug 20 2002
Location???, NJ
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 21 2008
Hike Distance?

This series located in the park known as the "Crown Jewel" of the county system. Kids love it. There are small admission fees for "Choo Choo", "Phony Ponies" and "Clip-Clop" (open in season). Critter Collection is free M-Th and in the off-season. Choo Choo closed Mondays. (You need the Choo Choo and Critter Collection to complete the clues.)
Difficulty: Easy, just a lot of busy-work.
Notes: Not all areas are pooch-accessible, so maybe Fido should stay home, unless a member of your party is willing to wait around holding the leash. These are the suburbs, not pristine wilderness, so watch out for glass.
Start your visit at the station.
"Buy a ticket, take a ride.
Just keep looking side to side."
The 2nd crossing signal is on your a)_____
The paintings of horses are on your b)_____
The covered bridge is on your c)_____
The hay rake is on your d)_____
The water tower is on your e)_____
The last whistle sign is on your f)_____
Wasn't that fun? Now go look at the Critter Collection.
According to the sign, how many hands does a monkey have? g) _____
What's the total weight of one capybara and one-half a beaver? h)_____
What's that going round and round,
With other critters making sound?
How many ponies are in the inner ring? i)_____
How many sides does the building have?
Square, then double, this number. j)____
Enough of phony ponies? Stroll over to where the live ones walk.

Clip-Clop Letterbox (4/05 reported missing, but it was missing summer 'o3, and mysteriously reappeared safe and sound!)
Look 143 degrees from the ticket booth. History happened (they say) under those trees beyond the field, in an area now surrounded by split rail fence. Wander around the field counter-
clockwise to see. (You'll have to cross the stream with the cars on the right) Enjoy the historical tidbit, then look under the arched bridge.

Choo-Choo Letterbox
Enjoy a snack at the café,
Sight 286 degrees and walk away.
Turn a)_____ at the brick path.
From the 2nd bollard at the service road, sight 160 degrees. Cross the lawn and enter the woods.
After 10 paces, turn c)_____
At next intersection, turn b)_____
At three rocks and branches, turn e)_____
Go up the hill and turn d)_____
You will come to a washed-out trail on the f)_____
Continue 21 paces beyond this point to a group of rocks in the trail. From the middle of the rocks, go 126 degrees to a big rock. From the rock go 190 degrees to a hollow stump.
Critter Collection Box
Return to the trail and continue on your way. You will pass a culvert to nowhere. Then a series of fenceposts begins. From the g)_____th fencepost go h)_____ degrees to the downed hollow tree containing the treasure. The other hollow tree is the wrong one.
Phony Pony Box
Again return to the trail and continue along. You will come to a point where a wild black cherry tree leans over the path from the right, and a big dead tree can be seen at 240 degrees.
Start counting fenceposts again. From the i)_____th post, sight j)_____ degrees. The base of the double sycamore is your goal. Leave the way you came, or cut through the woods to access pavement.