Jay's Tool Box  LbNA # 9366 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 14 2004
LocationFairview, OR
Found By StoneSoup
Last Found Jan 17 2011
Hike Distance?

As the box fills up we will be removing the earliest stamps and placing them in "Jay's Tool Chest". This will be carried with him to events. If you can prove that you have found the Tool Box, you may stamp the tools in the chest. Proof is as simple as showing him the stamps in your log book!

This box was inspired by Jay Jeopardy now known as Darth Zeus. He chose the images to be carved, chose the box, made the log book, and hand created the firsties certificate. So please please please take pity on a 5 year old and drop us a line when you find it so he can hear what people think of his box! (It's hard to believe, but that 5 year old is now 9, but he still enjoys hearing when people find his box)

Clues: (Dicated word for word from Jay Jeopardy)
Go to Target and park by the walking path. Go down the path Cross the creek on the bridge. Go down the trail 103 mommy steps and look for two trees growing next to each other. Go around to the back side facing away from the trail. And if you see some wood in a hole, take out the wood and there Jay's Toolbox will be hidden.

(Mommy addition: Park on the West end of Target, the walking trail is gravel here. The gravel trail splits a few feet in, go left. The trees are on the right hand side of the trail)

ADDITION: Jay Jeopardy thinks it would be great for people to add tools to the tool box. If you happen to have your carving tools with you and would like to add a tool not in there, please do!

As far as we know here are the tools currently in the box:

Hammer carved my Maiden and Jay Jeopardy
Screwdriver carved by Maiden and Jay Jeopardy
Wrench carved by Maiden and Jay Jeopardy
Duct Tape carved by the Christmas Elves (missing)
Pliers carved by Bluebird_Song (missing)
Bit and Brace carved by Der Mad Stamper
Paint brush carved by Bookworm
Power Drill carved by Pupp
Box of Nails carved by Daughter Earth
5 in 1 Painters Tool carved by ?
Plunger carved by SloMo
Rip Saw carved by Funhog
Strap wrench carved by Heather
Wingnut carved by wingnut
Cross Cut Saw carved by Wood Aug
Tool Belt carved by AW
Wood Glue by Home School Mommy
Speedball by Papa Bear
Xacto Knife by Double Tree
Small C Clamp carved by Lily
Gloves carved by Wild One
T Square by Boxer Lover
Ladder by Tiny
Scissors by Wild Hair
Large C Clamp by hiker biker
Fireman's Ax and Helmet by Mark and Sue
Crow bar by Csol Bear
Magnet, by Marmalade
Tin Snips, by Sue (the first stamp she ever carved and it s a really nice one!)
Tape Measure, by Lion's Mane 63
Caulking Gun, by LadyB
Wood Planer, Lazy letterboxer
Golden Rule
Band-Aid by Happy Papaya
Trowel, by RaqsEnigma
Flashlight by Ms. Mars
Twine by becca
coping saw by DB
Swiss Army Knife by Archimedes Screw
Cranberry Scoop by Cape Cod Lightning Bug
Level by Piper Paws
Rasp by Calli K
Screw by MokeyMiddle
Light Saber by South Hill Hendersons
Vice Grips by Tahuya Torah Tubbies
can of paint by Sitzmak
Compasses 93) by Thunderbird and Legend
hole punch by preboxed
safety goggles by Chincilla's in Disguise
glue by mt. hood fairy
Staple Gun by bubbles
Chisel by Flakey Lady
Hoof testers by Gamecock
Screw by Celtic Cat
Wood chisel by Lotus
Spokeshave by Baqash
Hand screw wood clamp by Happy SAHD
Micrometer by Shiloh
Glass cutter by littlemoon