Chemist's Box  LbNA # 9374 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 12 2004
LocationDeKalb, IL
Planted ByBess    
Found By pretzelcitywta
Last Found Nov 18 2006
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Terrain: Easy, sidewalks most of way, about a mile trek

To DeKalb:
Take I-88 tollway to Annie Glidden exit ($0.55 exact change needed). Turn north onto Annie Glidden and continue to Lucinda (Chick Evans' Fieldhouse is on right). Turn right (eastbound) onto Lucinda and then left onto Woodley (just over Lucinda bridge). Park at Annies Woods.

On Foot/Bike:
1. Proceed southward on sidewalk back to Lucinda. Cross bridge proceeding westward toward artwork with stairs (temporary work present as of 7/15/04). Mount stairs and tackle your Everest.
2. Dismount stairs and continue south on Gilbert Drive past the Visual Arts Building.
3. Turn right and follow College Avenue to the west. Stop at Castle Drive intersection and wave to the gargoyles atop the castle; hope they don't wave back!!!
4. Again head southward along Castle Drive. Enjoy the view of the lagoon and its water borne denizens. Move fast if the geese begin honking and wobbling your way.
5. Once over the bridge, carefully cross the street toward Montgomery Hall. Turn left and continue southward along Castle Drive. Keep an eye out for any dangers in the woods on you right. Stop when the woods end.
6. Turn right at lamppost. At the large rock, look for the northernmost path leading into the woods.
7. From the rock, count 25 paces into the woods, look for a tree on your left with large apertures at the base of the trunk.
8. Your gift is in one of the aperatures. Carefully remove box and proceed.
A picnic table is just outside the woods and makes for an excellent place to stamp.
Please be discrete and be sure to cover box completely when finished.

NOTE: Mosquitoes can be bad during the warm summer evenings. The woods are not large but have open access to students, although pedestrian traffic is not heavy. Fishing is permitted in the lagoon and the adjacent Kishwaukee River. Feeding the geese and ducks is discouraged; however students and residents have been known to toss a few breadcrumbs their way.