North Fork of the Shoshone River  LbNA # 9384

OwnerHiker Chick    
Placed DateMay 20 2004
LocationWapiti, WY
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 4 2013
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The North Fork of the Shoshone River flows fifty miles from Yellowstone National Park to Buffalo Bill Reservoir located just west of Cody, Wyoming. The third graders at Wapiti School placed these boxes as part of a project to learn about landmarks and buildings in their community. Included in each box description is a little historical background. We hope you enjoy finding our boxes. PLEASE LIST YOUR HOME STATE IN THE NOTEBOOK. WE KEEP TRACK OF ALL THE STATES THAT HAVE VISITED OUR BOXES. Boxes are numbered from East to West (Cody to Yellowstone.)


Box #1 Lone Tree (New May 2011)
At the west end of the Buffalo Bill Reservoir turn left on Road 6KV and drive across the Gibbs Bridge. Shortly after crossing the river the road forks. Turn left on Stagecoach Trail which is a dirt road. This road can be difficult to drive in wet or snowy weather. Travel east 1.2 miles. Turn right on a dirt road with a sign that says Sheep Mountain Pit. Drive or walk up the road looking for a tree growing out of a rock on a small hill to the east. Hike up to the hill. Look in a crack under the tree for the box. Step carefully. Rattlesnakes frequent this area.

Box #2 Laughing Pig Rock (New May 2011)
Many rock formations on the North Fork are named for what they appear to look like. This box is located between milepost 26 and 27.
After entering the Shoshone National Forest, pull into the first pullout on the right side of the highway. Walk north from the parking area past the split rock to a large juniper bush. Walk to the river side of the bush and look underneath the bush. The box is hidden under some rocks. Please rehide the box carefully. This is a popular stop. After you find the box, look across the highway and up on the hillside to see the Laughing Pig rock formation.

Box #3 Pagoda Creek
Turn south off of the highway on the west side of the creek. Drive to the end of the dirt road (several hundred yards) to the trailhead.Park by a big juniper bush. Find the food storage sign. The box is hidden in the rocks under the sign. Please re-hide carefully. There are roads on both sides of this creek. Be sure to drive up the west side.

Box #4 Horse Creek Picnic Area
This picnic area was started in the late 1920's as a place to camp and play softball for a boys' camp. It is now maintained by the Shoshone National Forest. It may or may not be open. If it is not open, park by the gate and walk in. Continue west from Holy City. There is a baseball field located in this picnic area. Stand at home plate. Then walk or run to 1st base. Keep going to the large juniper tree. Look up about 3 feet from the base of the tree. Jammed in a crack of the tree is the box.

Box #5 Wapiti Wayside Exhibit
Stop at this wayside exhibit to learn about this area. To find the box, walk around the west end of the exhibit. Find a green bush with red twigs. Move 1 fence section to the west. The box is hidden in rocks at the base of a buck on the buck and rail fence.

Box #6 Last Chance Turtle (New May 2011)
Turn into the Wapiti Campground. Travel past it to the angler parking area and park. Walk across the Sweetwater Bridge. Even if the gate is closed and locked, hikers can cross. Walk along the dirt road which climbs a hill. The road then descends to a wooded area with a lot of willows. A rock cliff wall is on the east side of the road. Follow this wall to its end. Hike up around the end of the cliff about 33 steps. Find the tall leaning stump. The box is at the base of the stump.

Box #7 Elk Fork
Turn south into the Elk Fork Campground. Park just beyond the campground in a large parking area. Walk past the horse corrals to the Washakie Wilderness Sign at the Elk Fork Trailhead. Turn toward the east across the trail. Find a large juniper tree on the hillside. The box is hidden under some tree limbs at the base of the tree.

Box #8 Shoshone Bridge
Pass the UXU Lodge and Rex Hale Campground. You will cross the river on a bridge near Mummy Joe Cave. The box is hidden under the bridge. To get to it you must travel west and turn left on a dirt road that leads to river access. This road is just before Blackwater Lodge. Drive to the end of the road and park. Walk to the bridge. The box is hidden in a pile of rocks by the left end of the bridge.

Box #9 Chimney Rock
Hike up to this interesting rock formation. Continue around the west side and find a grave marker labeled JQ. Walk 20 steps SW to a large pine tree with a big rock beside it. The box is hidden in rocks between the big rock and the tree.

Box #10 Fishhawk Trailhead
Turn north on the Fishhawk Trailhead dirt road. Start at the Trail Access sign. Walk west 23 steps. Turn south and go 13 steps. Look for a downed tree. The box is hidden under a clump of pine needles.

Box #11 Eagle Creek Trailhead
Turn south off the highway to a large parking area. This trail leads to the Thorofare, some of the most remote wilderness in the lower 48 states. Start at the eagle wearing a cowboy hat between two large signs. Walk 20 paces to a certified weed free sign. Follow the trail to the Eagle Creek trail sign. Follow the trail toward the river about 36 steps to a willow bush. Turn right and walk 30 steps. Look under a juniper tree by a fir tree. The box is located under branches.

Box #12 Swinging Bridge
This swinging bridge was built in 1931 by Earl Crouch who needed a way to move materials into and out of his gold mine on Eagle Creek.(He didn't find gold.) It has also been used to access cabins on the south side of the river.

The swinging bridge is located on the south side of the highway just before Eagle Creek Campground. The pullout is difficult to see hidden in the trees, but the bridge is easily seen. Walk to the bridge but don't cross. Turn and walk 34 paces east-downstream, parallel to the river. By a tree leaning toward the river is a large downed dead tree. Pick up a large piece of loose bark at the trunk end to find the box.

Box #13 Eagle Creek
Turn south off the highway at the Eagle Creek Campground sign. Park in the day use area. Walk west to the bent tree and on to the information sign. From the sign take about 35 steps northeast to a pile of rocks. Continue northeast another 12 steps. Look under a nearby fir tree with a silver metal tag and the number 494 at the bottom. Look behind this tree for a pile of rocks. The box is hidden in the rocks.

Box #14 Pahaska Trailhead
Pahaska Tepee was the first lodge on the North Fork built by Buffalo Bill Cody in 1903. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.

On the north side of the highway is a sign for the Pahaska Trailhead. Pull into this area and park. Walk west on the trail from the post on the west side of the lot.Take 30 steps to a moss covered rock on the right. Turn left and walk 20 paces to a large stump. Under the root side of the stump move the loose sticks to find the box.

Box #15 Pahaska
At Pahaska Teepee park in front of the bear statue and walk along the back side of Buffalo Bills old hunting lodge. Continue on to the 4th cabin (# 13/15 and 16/14). Walk past the left side of the cabin. Continue north along a dirt road. You'll pass a small brick building. Continue walking north to a good view of the river. The road takes a bend to the river. Look to your right to a shallow depression. Find a short stump about 2 feet high. The box is hidden under bark and sticks. Moose and bears frequent this area.