Gobbler  LbNA # 9430 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 18 2004
LocationWheaton, IL
Found By Irish Frogs
Last Found Sep 28 2004
Hike Distance?

******Thank you for your interest in the "Gobbler". However, he has flown the coop during spring cleanup of the forest preserve. He was visited often and for that I thank you. Happy Hippo ******
Off of the Butterfield Road enterance, take the "south-paw". Park your car and walk to info posting. This will show you the way. Meadowlark Trail will lead you to your destination. Wobble over a bridge and note "hands up". Pass another bridge on the right and go to 6. 6 white left will not lead you astray. Listen for the fore. At this time, do not take the path to the course. Stay YOUR course until you come to another course sighting. Again "south-paw" reigns and then to the right. In front of you find a triangle of trees. SSSHHHH The Gobbler sleeps here!!!