Snail Power  LbNA # 9475 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 21 2004
LocationDamariscotta, ME
Planted ByMahidan Dogs    
Found By SeaDragon
Last Found May 30 2009
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Whaleback Middens State Historic Site

Located on the north end of Business Rt. 1 [Main Street]in Damariscotta, the Whaleback Middens are the remains of once-giant mounds of oyster, clam, and mussel shells left by indigenous peoples 1000-2000 years ago. Before being heavily mined for lime in the 1800s, the Whaleback Midden was one of the largest in the United States. Today it is an important archaeological site where thousands of Native American artifacts have been discovered.
A short loop trail through a beautiful orchard takes you through some of the midden remains to the river. Note the Glidden Midden on the other side of the river; it is the largest north of Georgia.
Parking is available. A kiosk at the start of the trail gives you the entire history of the Middens--truly fascinating stuff.
After stepping up to read about "Mining Whaleback" look under your left foot for "Snail Power"
Bring bug spray and dogs welcome ON LEASH.