Noah's Stampede 2 (update!)  LbNA # 9496

OwnerBuckeye Stampede    
Placed DateApr 21 2007
LocationWest Chester, OH
Found By Crackr
Last Found May 8 2014
Hike Distance?

Status questionable at this time. Noah’s Stampede 2 was originally placed on July 20, 2004 and updated 4/21/07 with 2 new stamps at Keehner Park in West Chester, Ohio. From I-75, take the Cincinnati-Dayton Road exit south. Once you enter Old West Chester, turn left at the Station Road traffic light. After crossing the railroad tracks, turn left on Barrett Road. Once you make a sharp curve to the right, the park entrance will be on your right. You should park close to the amphitheater to start your adventure. All containers are wrapped in Camouflage duct tape. Please re-hide as found.

Bring your ink pad, pen, and compass.
There are some stairs involved.

Racing Stripes: Find the east entrance to Trail 2(this is the trail to the left of the map) and follow that into the woods. At the bottom of the stairs you will come to a crossroads. Venture 17 paces at 220° where you will come upon two larger trees at due north. Go 5 more paces to the split tree/rotten stump and then go 5 paces north off of the trail. The box will be found behind the tree under a rock.

Tux: Continue west on the trail until you have to make a decision. Up or Down? After 14 paces when you're out of breath, you will look 90° and see a double trunk tree, 10 paces off of the trail. On the east side of the tree under a rock you will find your Tux. This is a micro box so there is no log book.

Oinker: Descend back down and head back east. Does this look familiar? Continue along the path beside the creek and over the bridge until you come to the trail marker which is a 4X4 with 4 marked on it. 7 more paces, look 50 degrees and head for a huge tree. This tree is hollow and so large that a pig could fit inside. Once inside, look under a rock on the right side. OINK!

Polar Express: Head up the trail to the top of the hill and locate the place where you might find Uncle Tom. Look under the southeast corner of the porch under a rock for your final box. Make sure you rehide this very well since it is a high traffic area. Have fun!

Buckeye Stampede