Lower Latourell Falls  LbNA # 9500 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 21 2004
LocationGresham, OR
Found By Bug Bug & Boo Boo
Last Found Jul 9 2007
Hike Distance?

This box is for all of you who are passing through the Gorge quickly & don't have time to do Ryan's long hikes. Or if his hikes kill you like me :)

Created by: Tony & Nikki (Devonpeter@yahoo.com)

Clue difficulty: Easy

Terrain Difficulty: Easy (5-10 min walk)

Description: This letterbox is located in the Columbia River Gorge. It is a very easy walk on a paved path. The path takes you to the bottom of the falls to the pool & creek. I recommend that you take a few minutes to view the pool & if you can make your way down, stand as close to the pool as possible to feel the wind & spray. This is a very humbling & powerful experience.

Clue: From the parking lot follow trail down. You will come to a viewing area. Pause here to let the crowds thin. Continue on past the bridge. Walk to the far end of the stone wall. From this point take 11 paces. You will see an outcropping of rocks on your right. Under these lies the Lower Latourell Falls letterbox.

Please be discreet as this is a heavily used area.

Happy Hunting