South Boulder  LbNA # 9511

Placed DateJul 9 2004
LocationCardwell, MT
Last Found Nov 11 2005
Hike Distance?

General information before you start:
This box is for the adventurous spirit or at least someone who doesn't mind driving on a minimally maintained dirt/rock road. This box is accessable by car during the summer and fall. Along this road there are plenty of forest service hicking trails and camping/picknicking spots. Plan on this box taking 2 - 3 hours due to slow driving into and out from the box. We think it is beautiful and well worth the effort to take the drive and find the box.

Take route 90 to exit 256, route 359 Cardwell. At the end of the ramp head south toward the center of Cardwell. Follow route 359 over the Jefferson River. Several miles later you will cross the South Boulder River. Soon after the South Boulder River you will take a right onto South Boulder Road No. 107. The ride to the box is 14.5 miles on what turns into a bumpy dirt/rocky road. Some landmarks along the war are: sign saying Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest at 7.8 miles. Pass through the "town" of Mammoth at 11.6 miles. When you see the sign for Curley Creek Trail Head you are almost there.
There will be a fork in the road, the right fork has a brown trailhead forest service sign & 107 do not go to the right, instead look to the left for the outhouse (it's clean!) park on the left in the field with the outhouse.

about .5 mile roundtrip
Walk to the dirt/rock road and take the left fork, look up at Vale Mountain (during the winter with snow covering the rockslide it looks like a bridal vale) On most maps it is considered part of Middle Mountain. Enjoy the view and continue on. At the two posts bear right and continue past the campfire pit seen on the right. The trail curves to the right heading toward the bridge along the bank. On the left side of the curve there is a large boulder at the top of the bank. On the bottom right is the South Boulder Letterbox. Please replace the box and enjoy the sights and sounds of the area. Head back the same way you came to get back to your car and enjoy a bumpy ride back to route 359.