Georgia on my Mind  LbNA # 9512

Placed DateJul 14 2004
LocationRome, GA
Planted Bycroak    
Found By Groovychick
Last Found Mar 4 2007
Hike Distance?

Reported missing July 2007

My 10 year old son made the stamp and hid the box with the help of his sister and cousins. Since it's an easy box to find, they tried to make it more interesting with fun clues. You need to start at Rolater Park in Cave Spring, GA.

You'll need a cool drink,
But don't get it from a sink.
Next look for a bed
But don't rest your head.
On a sign by the door, read the year
and note the third digit here____(A).

Look for a cabin with only one room.
If you peak inside you might find a broom.
You will notice another year.
Write down the first 3 digits here___(B).

There's not a zoo,
but you need to find Wildlife too.
Look for it as you walk to the river,
but don't get in or you might shiver.

Now take A and divide into B
it will give you____degrees.
35 paces puts you at a tree.
A hole looks like the right place - but we disagree.

Now follow the river
It's hidden NE straight ahead
But don't walk over it,
Look under it instead.

Have fun and stamp away
Then jump in the pool if it's a hot summer day.