Acadia Whale Watch  LbNA # 9523 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 23 2004
LocationBar Harbor, ME
Found By The Morlan Clan
Last Found Aug 24 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 15 2015

Note: August 26, 2009
Well, we had a good run with this box.
It lasted over 5 years in a very heavily traveled location.
But it appears that repair work on the hiding wall has eliminated my box. I will leave the clues up for a short time in case someone has news of its demise and can contact me regarding moving it somewhere else.

I carved this at home before coming to Bar Harbor. We had planned to take a whale watch while vacationing here. Well, we did. But after 4 hours of watching everybody else throw up, we still didn't see a whale. Too foggy. I definitely recommend Dramamine.

Anyway, head down to the boat docks at the end of West Street. Start walking on the Shore Path. You will pass several nice hotels and some really nice homes.
Pass Bubble Rock's twin brother.
You will eventually encounter a nice fence with stone fence posts.
Count 11 stone posts.
Head out onto the rocks.
Look for a place where the stone wall is broken by a natural stone and a tree. At the end of this broken wall, behind some stones is the box.

This trail probably sees more more 1 million visitors each year.
You can discretely stamp in while sitting on the rocks and watching the bay. Please rehide with multiple rocks.
Email me with a status.