Local Islands Series  LbNA # 9564 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 24 2004
CountyNew London
LocationGroton/ Stonington, CT
Found By Maire's Facets
Last Found Jun 17 2009
Hike Distance?

All are easy drive-ups. It should take about 1.5 hours including stamping time. If you have a small log book I recomend bring a larger piece of paper to put all of the stamps on one page.

Local Islands- Missing (will not be replaced)
Avery Point Campus
From Rt. 95 take exit 87 to Clarence B. Sharp Highway. Go through to stoplights and then turn right at the stop sign on to Hynes Ave. At the second stop sign go left on to Benham Rd. This will turn into Eastern Point Rd. After a sharp left turn in the road, turn right into the Avery Point Campus. Pull into the first parking lot on the right. Park near the corner in the seawall. Walk on to the beach and look left towards the wall. Notice how the well made wall ends and the pile of rocks begins. The Local Islands Letterbox is low in the pile of rocks behind two small rocks.

Gardiners Island
Bayberry Boat Launch
Walk back to your car and take a right out of the parking lot. Follow the signs to exit the campus. Take a right on to Eastern Point Rd. Take your next right on to Bayberry Lane. Follow this down to the boat launch. Look towards the small brick building, see the three evergreen trees closer to the water. The Gardiners Island Letterbox is under the trees, under a rock.

Plum Island
Birch Plain Creek Park
Drive back up Bayberry Lane and take a right onto Eastern Point Rd. At the stop sign go left onto Shennocossette Rd. At the next stop sign turn right on to Thomas Rd. Immeditly turn left into Birch Plain Creek Park. A little way in there is a gravel path on the right that goes down towards the water. Follow this path down to the bottom of the hill. Look Right. The Plum Island Letterbox is under the far side of the flat boulder.

Fishers Island- Missing (will be replaced soon)
Esker Point Beach
Take a left on to Thomas Rd.At the stop sign go right on to Tower Ave.(I have never heard it called this so for all you locals South or Airport Rd.) At the first light go right on to Poquonnock RD(RT 1). Follow this for a couple miles. At the top of Fort Hill ver right on to Groton Long Point Rd.(RT 215) When rt 215 turns stay on Groton Long Point Rd. and continue down to the water. Take a left into the beach parking lot. This is across the street from the Fisherman Resturant. Walk to the west over the grassy knoll and down to the small rocky beach. From the tree that is falling out of the grass take 8 steps to that large rock. Look towards the woods. The Fishers Island Letterbox is under the overhanging rootsin a rock cabin. Please make sure that none of this box is visible. This is a popular hang out for teenagers.

Ram Island
Sea Swirl
Take a right out of the parking lot onto Groton Long Point Rd. Take your second right on to Elm St.(RT 215) At the third stop sign (approx. 3 miles)go right on to RT 1. (Our Drawbridge Letterbox is right near by.) Follow RT 1 past the train station. Take a right into the Sea Swirl parking lot and park in the back. Follow the bushes aound the cove to the back of the parking lot. THe Ram Island Letterbox is in the top of the seawall under the last bush. This will be on your right when you are facing the train tracks.

Block Island
Stonington Point
Take a right back on to RT 1. At the fourth light (approx. 3 miles) turn right. At the stop sign turn left. At the next stop sign turn right and go over the bridge. After the bridge ver left and go through the borugh. Follow this road all the way to the end at Stonington Point. Park close to the flag pole. Stand at the flag pole facing the memorial stone. Take a reading of 145* to the flat orangish rock in the seawall. The box is underneath.