Castlewood Canyon  LbNA # 9578 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 25 2004
LocationFranktown, CO
Found By Treasure Finders
Last Found Oct 15 2004
Hike Distance?

Reported Missing Sept. 11, 2004

Approximate time: 20-45 mins. Depending on how fast you walk
Shoes: Walking shoes or Hiking boots
Kid Friendly: Yes, No strollers
Terrain: Nice and flat at the beginning turning into a moderate hike.

Driving Directions:
To reach Castlewood Canyon State Park, take I-25 to Castle Rock, Turn east on Highway 86, go 6 miles to Franktown, turn south on Highway 83 (S. Parker Rd.) and go five miles south to the park entrance, which will be on your right.
Park Hours are 8am to 9pm, Gates open and close promptly. It was $5 for a day pass when we placed the Letterbox. You have to ask the park attendant for a map if you want one.

To The Letterbox:
Proceed to the Canyon Point parking lot and park. At the West end of the parking lot there are restrooms and a picnic area. Here the path is concrete. Walk past this and you will come to the Lake Gulch trailhead sign. From here, walk for approximately 7-8 mins (10-15 mins if traveling with toddlers, our son is 3 and was with us). There will be a fallen tree on your left, laying Horizontal to the path. From this log take 11 more steps. On your left there will be a great rock for sitting and resting, Go ahead, take a seat. Face north. Look Left 310 Degrees. You should now be facing a Holey rock face. Look down, close to the path is a crevice, behind the rocks you will find what you seek.
*Use CAUTION when retrieving this box. You ARE in rattle snake country
When replacing make sure to cover it up well as this is a Moderate to high foot traffic area.

Further on Down:
If you choose to go further down the path you will find stunning views, and the Cherry Creek. Watch for wildlife, while placing this box we saw Turkey Vultures and a Golden Eagle.

Please e-mail me with the status of this box.

Thank You,
The placers:
Jeninia, Terry, Harrison & Phoenix Flame