Comes with the Territory  LbNA # 9584 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 9 2004
LocationOverland Park, KS
Planted ByWyldBlueberries    
Found By 7 is a perfect numbe
Last Found Oct 13 2006
Hike Distance?

(7/2008: Sorry we're no longer to check or maintain our boxes. Check the latest status on LBNA prior to hunting it.)

5/2006 Update: The box is in great shape, but the North Shore trail has been re-routed for trail maintenance. The box can still be reached by foot (directions updated below), but no longer by mountain bike.

This box celebrates two of the summertime unchangeables in KC Letterboxing and it's definitely a case of familiarity breeding contempt.

It's hidden on the North Shore Trail at Shawnee Mission Park. The address is 7900 Renner Road in Shawnee Kansas. You can find a map at:

Directions to Box:

- Start at the North Shore Trailhead near the dam and Shelter 7.

- Climb up the rocky path until you reach the fork.

- At the fork, head downhill.

- The rocky path will wind downhill then gradually back up.

(5/2006 update: the new trail heads to the left. Keep an eye out for the blocked path on the right. It's no longer available for mountain bikes, but you can follow it on foot. Head uphill to the right on the blocked path.)

- When the path reaches its peak, it switches from rocks to dirt. Walk along on the dirt for a minute or so.

- When the ground turns rocky again and heads downhill, walk 20 steps to a large dead tree hanging over the path.

- Stand at the tip of the tree that almost touches the path. Face 80 degrees.

- Walk 8 steps (across the path) to a dead tree that has lost half its bark.

- The box is hidden on the back side of the tree under a rock.