S.M.A.R.T.  LbNA # 9588 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBookworm (WA)    
Placed DateJul 25 2004
LocationEstacada, OR
Planted BySleepy Whippet    
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

******* MISSING *****************

Directions: This box is hidden in Estacada at the River Mill Elementary School.
Take I-205 to exit 12 Clackamas/Estacada and turn right onto Hwy 212/224.
Proceed 3.2 miles to the 212/224 junction turn right onto Hwy 224
following signs to Estacada. At the stop light go left, stay on that road until you reach River Mill
Elementary School (it will be straight ahead) park and go to the chain link fence entrance
closest to the school.

Start Making A Reader Today
Oregon's leading volunteer program dedicated to early literacy. It is a book & reading program for kindergarten through third grade children who are at risk of low literacy & it's associated negative outcomes. SMART is run by the Oregon Children's Foundation which was founded in 1991 by former governer Neil Goldschmidt & the Ater Wynne, LLP law firm. Our founders had a simple & profound vision for Oregon: a state in which all children can read
where caring adults give their time & attention to children every day. SMART is the result of that vision.
The long term goals of the Oregon Children's Foundation are to empower families & communities to help their children; to increase the number of students graduating from high school; to provide Oregon with a more productive & literate work force: to make SMART available to children
in all 36 Oregon counties by 2004.

This box is to honor the last goal!

Answer the following questions in order to complete the clues.

1. How many syllables are in the word supercallifragilisticexpiallidocioussupercallifragilisticexpiallido?

Fill in the blank:
2. First year or entry level college classes begin in the _____, second year 200 level, etc.

3. count your fingers and toes, count your fingers and toes, count your fingers and toes, count your hands and feet.

Upon entering the chain link fence go aproximately __#2____ steps. While standing in the tree triangle
pick the tree closest to the school and walk ___#3___ steps towards the diamond. Count the fence posts
in the amount of ___#1___ on the fence around the diamond. When you reach the post stand where that
post is by your right shoulder, look to your left see another fence post? S.M.A.R.T. is hidden at the
base of the fence post behind the blackberry vines.