Haslam's Books  LbNA # 9597

OwnerFlorida Sunsets    
Placed DateJul 26 2004
LocationSt. Petersburg, FL
Found By Thunder & Lightning
Last Found Apr 2 2016
Hike Distance?

Created by: Tony & Nikki (Devonpeter@yahoo.com)

Clue difficulty: Easy

Terrain Difficulty: Piece of Cake

Description: This letterbox is located in Haslam's Bookstore located at 2025 Central Ave. St Petersburg Fl 33713. The store is the largest bookstore in Florida and a family owned & operated company. It's 60 year HISTORY was started by John and Mary Haslam in 1933 & is currently run by third generation Suzanne & Ray Hinst. This is a great place to find new, used & rare books. Please help support local businesses and independant booksellers. You can visit their website at http://www.haslams.com

Clues: Rumor has it that Haslam's has its own resident ghost Jack Kerouac. He was an author who, in life, liked to visit the store & rearrange the books to help them sell better. Some say he never left. In order to find the Haslam's letterbox you will have to find another spirit. TRAVEL to the area reserved for the spirit of Judge Robert E. Beach. The spirit of the letterbox resides across from the Judge.

P.S. This letterbox is shawshank redemption style!

This is a friendly place. Please be discreet when stamping in!

Happy Hunting