Teton Heights  LbNA # 9613

Placed DateApr 1 724
LocationJackson Hole, WY
Found By Viewfinder
Last Found Jul 9 2012
Hike Distance?

I have managed to resist putting letterboxes in the national parks, but I have always been sad to not be able to plant in the Tetons-my favorite mountain range. So I decided to do the next best thing. I planted this letterbox between the two large parks so it is outside of NPS boundaries but still close. It was my homage to the Tetons that I carved the night before in the hostel I stayed at in Jackson. I hope you enjoy it!

Difficulty: easy

Clue: Between parks, pull over at Flag Ranch and follow Grassy Lake Road. You will pass Pole Cat Creek and park immediately after that at the "No Camping, No Fires" sign. From the large rocks blocking cars from entering the road, take 74 steps up the road. On the left of the road there is a large rock. You will find the letterbox underneath that rock.

Please recover well after stamping in and contact me if there are any problems with the box.