Family Camp  LbNA # 9629

Placed DateJul 25 2004
LocationEstacada, OR
Found By Bookworm (WA)
Last Found Sep 7 2007
Hike Distance?

Status: Alive and well
Hitchhiker friendly? No
Child friendly? Yes, very (Bring your fishing gear and stop by Small Fry)
Wheelchair friendly? The park has numerous ADA areas, you COULD get to this box in a chair, but it would require some help. (Medium downhill on hard dirt)
Time: About 15 minutes if you're in a hurry, hours if you stop to watch the water and play

My family has been camping in Promontory Park for over 40 years. My grandmother spent the entire year planning the family trip every summer. We ranged in numbers from 10 - almost 30 campers. Days were filled with swimming, hiking, boating, fishing, and arts and crafts. Nights were filled with board games, card games, songs around the campfire, smores, and lots and lots of laughter. My grandmother passed away this last April, but the family tradition lives on. To commerate her favorite past time and to salute family traditions, I planted a box in the park. I invite you to sit on the bank, watch the water go by, and really take a moment to think about just how precious tradition is.

About the park:
If you want to teach your children to fish, Promontory Park is the place to come. Small Fry Lake, a one-acre lake within the park, was developed for the exclusive use of young anglers. Kids up to 14 years old can fish for their limit of three fish per day on Small Fry Lake. (Check the stocking schedule, the middle to end of July the fishing stinks, but the rest of the summer the fishing rocks and kids can pull out fish almost faster than they can cast!)

Anglers of all ages can fish on the 350-acre North Fork Reservoir. In addition to fishing, Promontory Park has:
50 campsites, including eight yomes
Restrooms and showers
Picnic areas
Electric cooking facilities
Groceries, fishing tackle, and boat and motor rentals are available at the concession store located at the downstream end of the park. A boat dock and launching area are next to the store.

For people with disabilities, the park has an accessible restroom, campsites, boat dock and rentable patio boats.

There is no speed limit on the lower half of the reservoir, but the upper half has an enforced speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

To the letterbox:
Park in the picnic area. (There's two, you decide which one is the right one) Find the Day Use Building. From the back corner of the building, take 36 steps down the trail. Make a 90 degree turn and walk another 12 steps. Directly at your feet in the stump behind some bark is my tribute to my grandmother and tradition! Please be discreet with it, I'll be very sad if it comes up missing.

Happy Hunting