Hollywoof Kennel  LbNA # 9633 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2004
CountyLos Angeles
LocationLos Angeles, CA
Planted ByQ    
Found By Anna and the kids
Last Found May 12 2006
Hike Distance?

Status: Temporarily removed on May 13, 2006

The Hollywoof Kennel is a hitchhiker hostel, so you may only take the hitchhiker guest if you leave one in its place. Feel free to visit the kennel itself, though! The hostel has its own stamp and logbook that both say "Hollywoof" on them - these are not hitchhikers and are meant to stay with the box.

The Hollywoof Kennel boasts of breathtaking views of Los Angeles with only a quick 10 minute walk up a hill. Our guests have plenty of playmates and countryside to roam, and your pooch will love his or her stay with us!

To visit the Hollywoof Kennel, head north on Fuller Avenue in Los Angeles. Fuller dead-ends into Runyon Canyon, just north of Franklin Avenue. Find street parking, but please pay attention to the street signs. Upon entering the gates, follow the paved path past the large, grassy area on the left, past the steps surrounded by cactus, also on the left, and then turn left, and follow the dirt trail up the hill. Shortly, it becomes paved again, when it does turn right and continue up the hill. After you pass through the black metal gates, there will be a dirt trail on your left. Follow this dirt trail until you come to a small clearing. You should see a lone tree that stands at the edge of the hill and overlooks some nice backyards. Stand behind this tree and pull out your compass, and find 20 degrees. Behind the huge shrubs that your compass is pointing at is a four-trunked tree with a prickly cactus in front of it. One of the trunks is drastically bent, creating a short archway. Crawl through this to get behind the four-trunked tree. At the base of these trunks, under a large rock and piles of leaves, is the Hollywoof Kennel hitchhiker hostel letterbox.

The Hollywoof Kennel stamp is quite large, however, if the hitchhiker logbook is too small, you might want to stamp just the "Hollywoof" part...