Lew Wetzel  LbNA # 9643 (ARCHIVED)

Ownermr. bloodhound    
Placed DateJul 25 2004
LocationGrayson, KY
Last Found Mar 31 2005
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Lew Wetzel

I-64 Eastbound Rest Area

Bring ink pad and pen.

Lewis was born in 1763 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Admired by some as a great frontiersman. Despised by others as a savage Indian killer. Few can deny that he has made an impact on the history of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. It is believed Wetzel was captured by Indians at age 12 or 13, later escaping and freeing his captured bother also. He led a controversial life on the old frontier of the Northwest Territory. In 1808 Wetzel died of yellow fever and was buried in an unmarked grave near Natchez, Mississippi. In 1942 his grave was located and his remains brought back to Moundsville, West Virginia, where they now rest beside those of his oldest brother Martin, in the McCreary Cemetery, just two miles from the old Wetzel homestead.

Directions: Take I-64 east from Grayson, Kentucky to the Rest Area on the right. Park in the car parking lot (unless of coarse you are a trucker.)

Clues: From the car parking area walk west to the do not enter signs. Standing south of the southern most do not enter sign, take a compass reading of 200 degrees and walk 5 paces (1 pace = 2 steps) to a tree. Now proceed 20 paces at 220 degrees to a light pole. Now walk 10 paces at 275 degrees to the middle of a set of three large trees. Finally make your way slightly over a bank 14 paces at 285 degrees to a tree with three trunks growing from its base. Check around the base under a rock and some sticks.
Email me if found.