The More The Merrier  LbNA # 9696

Placed DateJul 26 2004
LocationEstacada, OR
Found By twinkle
Last Found Oct 25 2012
Hike Distance?

This series of boxes was carved and placed during our Family Campout. Each box was created by a different person. They chose the image, transfered it, carved it, stamped it, and put the box together. They then chose the exact location and told me the clues they wanted me to write. We hope you enjoy the series as much as we enjoyed making it.

To the boxes:
Take HWY 224 though Estacada, continue on to Fish Creek Road. Take a right. Park in the parking lot to your right. A Northwest Forest Pass is required. (Which can only be picked up in town, so don't forget to get one before you head out) The trailhead is across the street from the entrance driveway.

The Clackamas River Trail is 7.8 miles long and gains 400 feet in elevation. Bicycles are not welcome on this trail, hikers only. I believe dogs are welcome and the portion of the trail the boxes are on is excellent for children. It is fairly flat but not wheelchair friendly due to gravel and roots. Most of the trail we planted boxes on is shaded and in July was perfect for shorts with no jacket.

Box #1 - Snakey - Carved and planted by Jay Jeopardy, Age 5
Head up the trail until you pass under the sword arch. Look to your right for a game trail leading to a ghost tree. At the base of the ghost tree under some moss and a rock Snakey curled up to sleep. Be careful, you don't it to bite you!

Box #2 - Sunny Orca - Carved and placed by Tooth Fairy, Age 7
Return to the main trail. Continue on, staying to the right if given a choice. Pass through the graveyard of trees (there was a 300 acre forest fire here in 2002). To the left you'll see a spot to stop and admire the river. Someone once had a campfire here. Under the roots of the huge fallen tree to your right towards the river Sunny Orca beached herself.

Box #3 - Christmas in July - Carved by Kori, Age 7
Back to the trail and keep on going. Cross the creek and take 51 steps to the base of a baby western red. Behind a mossy rock is the box.

Box #4 - Happy Day - Carved by Brittany, Age 11
What a happy day when you find a loveseat with a green quilt. Just behind the loveseat, hidden by some rocks is Happy Day.

Box #5 - Rise and Shine - Carved by Princess Smili, Age 15
After your rest on the loveseat, continue on again, looking for a 7 headed snag. At it's base is Rise and Shine.

Box #6 - Fun in the Sun - Carved by Maiden, Age (Old enough)
Hike along until you crest a small rise. At the top of the rise you should see a fallen log with a burnt out cedar to the left end. About half of the way up this log, on the far side from you is my Fun in the Sun box, hidden behind a rock. After stamping in you are going to reverse and head back the way you came. This is also a perfect spot for lunch or a snack.. so take a moment to rest and enjoy the scenery.

Box #7 - Lazy Day - Carved and placed by Grandma Eva
This tall cedar on the right side of the road was burnt, but its rocky heart remains intact. We added a little box to its heart to help ease it's loss!

Box #8 - Do Re Mi - Carved and placed by Touche Turtle
Look to your left for a loaf oh challah lying on the hill. Behind it lies this box.

Box #9 - Burly Bison - carved and placed by Grandma Star
Hike on, when given a choice, take the trail to the right. Past the trees with monkey tails to the saddle with the horn. In a root space covered with moss on the side you came from is the Burly Bison. You should be able to see the bridge from this spot. If you can't, you're not on the right trail.

If you contine on this trail you'll come out right next to the bridge. The parking lot is directly across the street.

Happy Hunting