World's Largest Peanut (I-75)  LbNA # 9707 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 27 2004
LocationAshburn, GA
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found May 7 2010
Hike Distance?

World’s Largest Peanut
Difficulty: Easy (Drive-by)
Bring Your Own Ink (BYOI)


In 1975, the city of Ashburn erected the World’s Largest Peanut monument on the southbound side of I-75. The monument is dedicated to Turner County’s most important agricultural product and is quite impressive. The peanut is lit with spotlights at night and there is a cute gazebo at the pull-off. The monument also trumped the former world’s largest peanut of Pearsall, TX, who held the title for only two years.

The world's largest peanut is reached by traveling 1/2 mi south of exit 82 on the west side of I-75. Take the road on the left, past Hardees and the Ramada, past a few factories, and watch for small service road on left. If you are heading from the north and take this exit in Ashburn, be aware that you have not even seen the peanut from the interstate yet.

To get the box, stand on the edge of the gazebo. Reach up into the southeast corner of the roof, on the inside. You could probably see the black box if you are tall enough and if it is daylight. Replace carefully, and look out for exposed nails in this top area of the gazebo.