Water Beetle  LbNA # 9735 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 31 2004
LocationFort Collins, CO
Planted ByWilderwomn    
Found By Mini Mom
Last Found Aug 14 2006
Hike Distance?

Note 9/22/04: This trail has been closed for a while but its now open!

This is the first letterbox in the "Art in Public Places" letterbox series that will take you to various outdoor art exhibits in the Fort Collins area. If you are starting from this box, you will have an opportunity to also find the "Blue Suede Shoes" letterbox if you haven't already. In finding these two letterboxes, you will get to see three art exhibits and walk along a beautiful path.

Clue 1: Locate the church that's name is hidden in this anagram: Oslfilhot Tiranuani Hcruhc

Clue 2: From the most westerly parking lot of this church, head west on the major east-west street.

Clue 3: Take a left onto the next major cross street.

Clue 4: Very quickly a trail takes off on your right. Take this trail to the intersection at the bottom of the hill and turn left.

Clue 5: You will soon see very some very large bugs, and will travel below the earth.

Clue 6: The letterbox is hidden in this general vicinity between numbers 5 and 6 in the angled corner of a garden bed under leaf litter. The tip of the angle points SW.

This box contains directions to a second letterbox and two more art sites about a mile round trip from this letterbox. Take a while to enjoy this trail and beautiful area.

Planted by Wilderwomn and Rosegirl.

A handmade stamp.

If you wish, leave a little note in the journal for my 6 year old daughter Hanna (Rosegirl) who is a letterboxing enthusiast. Let her know what town and state you live in. She will love it!

Good luck and have fun! If you want, let me know when you find the box.