River View -It's back! 8-19-04  LbNA # 9760 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 1 2004
LocationLouisville, KY
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From the Dixie, go North at the Castle into the Wooded Green. Follow the Wooded Green past the Blue Sky, over the soft cloth. Continue straight past the Belt and continue on at the Winking Eye. Climb the hill and there you will spy your destination, the River View. To the right you will see a cone. Park near the cone, as you will follow on foot the trail that leads past the cone to the right. At the end of this manmade trail, you will be at a building. (You may want to cover your nose here.) From the end of the concrete trail, look left to the woods. There you will spy a dirt path into the trees. Follow this path a little ways and you will see a small stream rushing quickly to its destination. Do not cross the stream. Go to the edge and turn right and CAREFULLY follow the path that leads along right beside it. After you go a little ways it will turn very rocky. Stay on the rocks and follow the path until you see a tree that has been totally uprooted at the edge of the stream. If you stand facing the root ball of the tree with the water to your left, at approximately the 1:00 to 2:00 position, you will see a young tree which has marks on the trunk at about knee to waist height that looks as if someone has tried to saw down the tree. At the base of the tree, a little behind it you will see a small, letterbox-sized pile of rocks. I think you can figure it out from there!

Please be very discreet when stamping and replacing the box. You may need to cover it with more rocks, depending on if any have shifted. You will need a stamp pad, as there is not one in the box. Stamp in and please drop me a line to let me know all is well. We hope you enjoyed your search.