Cat Lover LetterBox  LbNA # 9770

Placed DateAug 1 2004
LocationSharon, CT
Planted ByJPH the Leaf Lady    
Found By The Quackers
Last Found Jun 25 2017
Hike Distance?

Driving directions:
From the Clock Tower in Sharon, CT at the junction of route 41 / 343, head east up Route Four 4.5 miles to Dunbar Road. (Dunbar forks to the right - off Route 4 next to a small pond at the top of the hill.) Follow Dunbar to the next intersection of Dunbar & Cemetery Road. Go right on Cemetery Road and take 2nd left into the Cemetery. Follow straight till dirt road bears left & park.

Clues:UPDATED SEPT.27,05
You'll see a stonewall @ 140 degrees. Follow edge of long grass to corner of cemetery infront of stonewall. Take 10 steps west along wall and you'll see a BIG flat rock on top of the stone wall to your south east. Cat Lover Letterbox is under this BIG flat rock on the south east side. Hint be sure to visit this box after sept. 27,2005, because an addition to this stamp has been placed.... clues in box