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Maybe you'll see a Manatee  LbNA # 9786 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 29 2004
LocationFt. Myers, FL
Found By anperez1
Last Found Mar 15 2007
Hike Distance?

Clues for Maybe You'll Find a Manatee

You will need to go to Estero Blvd in Ft. Myers, FL on Estero Beach. To solve these clues, first gather a SW Florida Guide Map and the Carry Out Menus (COM) from the following restaurants.
1- Snug Harbor
2- Pizza Hut (near Snug Harbor and not on map)
3- the Bridge
4- Junkaroo on the Beach (on Map)
5- Anthony's on the Gulf (next to Junkaroo)

These number clues will represent letters spelling the name of the place you will find the key to unlock the mystery.

1- On Junkaroo's COM - looking at the phone number, skipping the Area Code, take the 4 & 5th numbers and reverse them. To represent the first letter.
2- Find the year the Bridge was established. The last digit is your clue to the next letter,
3- Back to the Junkaroo COM, this time, using the Area Code - add it and the next 3 numbers. Now, subtract the 3rd number of the AC, this new number represents the next letter.
4- Add the first 4 numbers of the zip code of Anthony's address. This is your 4th letter
5- Take the weight of the Captain's Cut Prime Rib at Snug Harbor and add 1 for the next number.
6- Add the address of the Bridge to that add the number that appears on twice in the phone number
7- With the Pizza Hut COM take the smaller number of an order of Buffalo Wings order - add 1
8- What hour does Anthony's begin serving dinner? This is your next letter.
9- Take the last 2 digits of the Bridge phone number and divide by 2

Reference your Map Guide for the location of your answer and approach the hostess and say " We have a reservation under the name of Mr. Colorful Characters." If you stay, you might see a manatee.

Please contact the placer and let us know if you found this box in good condition after Hurricane Charley and if you enjoyed the clues to this box. We love hearing from fellow boxers!