The Place  LbNA # 9787 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 29 2004
LocationFt Myers, FL
Found By Dancin' Feet
Last Found Feb 22 2006
Hike Distance?

Clues to The Place

**You may drive or bike these clues. Pets will be allowed.

First, you need to pick up a Guide Map to SW Florida. These are available at various hotels, shops or recreational parks.

Second, collect the Carry Out Menus (COM) from the following restaurants:
- Snug Harbor (on the map)
- the Bridge (on the map)
- Junkanoo on the Beach (#3 under attractions)
- Anthony's on the Gulf ( next to Junkanoo)
- Parrot Key (on the map)
There will be 11 letter items on your menu...make a list.
1- What do you find upstairs at Snug Harbor? Take the double letter and this is your 9th and 10th item on your menu.
2- What are always welcome at the dock at the Bridge? Take the 1st letter of this word, these are items 1 & 7
3- On the Junkanoo COM find the double letter in their speciality bread - you only need one of them to fill in item number 2.
4- Anthony's has a "House Favorite". The second word, second letter, you will need 2 of these for items 4 & 8.
5- Anthony's also has a single word food category with 2 of the same letter. It doesn't start the word, but it does end the word and is a vowel. This is item 6.
6- Tales of mystery, adventure and what? float through the air at Parrot Key. Take the one letter that appears 3 times in this word and place in item 3
7- Junkanoo serves a speciality cheesburger. What does it do to your belly? Take the 3rd letter and put it as item 11.
8- What kind of a restaurant is the Bridge? Take the letter that appears 2 times and ends the word. This is your last item on your menu.

What does it spell?

Head to this place. They are not on the Guide Map. You will need to ask around for directions. It is close. When you get there, ask for Barb or Marge, or say to the person who is there, behind the counter ..."Ain't no place like this place, so this must be the place". Enjoy the ambience of old Ft Myers Beach. We did!

Please contact us and let us know if you found the box in good condition after Hurricane Charley and if you enjoyed the clues for this box.