Can "O" Spam  LbNA # 9809 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 3 2004
CountySan Luis Obispo
LocationCambria, CA
Found By aka Trail Dancer
Last Found Jul 1 2005
Hike Distance?

I am just delighted to be an LBNA member and am having the time of my life. And now that the rest of my family is hooked new boxes should be popping up all around California and on the east coast as well.
This is my first attempt so bear with me. If you find it problematic or just plain boring let me know. I look forward to your comments.

Good Luck !!!

There is but “1” highway winding it’s way through Cambria Ca.

There is but one Ruling House in England to boot.

When these two meet turn to the sea and start your journey to the CAN “O” SPAM.

As much as kids love Spam they love to play. Stop at this place where they play and figure out the next clue to continue on your way.

Think carefully now because we are told many sayings in our lives. These will come in handy when combined.

“_________ Makes Waste.


“I know why the caged bird ______.”

When you realize the combined name you are very near. If your brain works well and you were able to think, at this point your surroundings should be coming up pink. Pink Pink all around however do you choose? Do not bother with the old pink girl she has nothing that you need. A wall of green, long and living, guards the pink you seek!!
At the end of the living wall a single centurion stands guard. He should be green but he is not. He should be vocal but he is not. He sits there gray and cold but at his keep the prize he holds.

Good Luck Boxers!!!!