coquito's  LbNA # 9824 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 2 2004
Locationcoconut grove, FL
Planted Bycoquito    
Found By StarP
Last Found Mar 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Kennedy Park -
South Bayshore Dr and Kurk St. - Coconut Grove. Park in the small parking lot where usually you will see AC'Icees (Frosted Lemonade) truck. (Do not go into the main entrance where there is a small playground and marina). Once parked, follow the left path. The path splits in to two, keep on your right. You will pass a fenced area with usually dogs play in there. To your right you will see a wooden bridge, cross it and admire the view. When you get to the end, follow the right path for about 30 feet. You will see 4 coconut trees, if you go in between them towards the water creek, you will find a large rooted tree to your left. Look for the box under the tree, facing the creek under shreds of coconut. Good Luck !!

Let me know how easy or difficult it was to find it.