Old Auburn  LbNA # 9834 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 4 2000
LocationAuburn, CA
Planted ByMaltedFalcon    
Found By Veggie Van
Last Found Feb 19 2007
Hike Distance?

The Old Auburn Letterbox is TEMPORARILY PULLED.
The container broke and the log was in danger of getting ruined. I have the original stamp and 2nd log and I will be replacing it This weekend (Sunday 3/11/07)

Actually technically this is the Old Old Auburn Letterbox
It was placed in 2000
was there until 2002 when a City Maint. Worker picked it up
It was returned to me a short time ago,
I have replaced it in exactly the same spot.
Original log, box and stamp. only the baggies are new...
If you missed it before, now is your chance to go get it.
This box was removed during the renovations in the area.
it is now back in place.

Go to Old Town Auburn,
Ask for Claude Chana
Claude's Right Thumb is pointing a bearing directly at the box.
Its less then 4 paces away about chest height.

While your there take 2 paces and find the North Fork Dry Digging's box too!