Evel's Scared Dawg  LbNA # 9856

Placed DateAug 5 2004
CountyTwin Falls
LocationTwin Falls, ID
Last Found Sep 11 2014
Hike Distance?

Note: I just got a post that the box is missing a stamp and log book yet it still gets visitors. I am very happy about that. I would so appreciate it if the box could be adopted or maintained with a new stamp carved of a dog on back legs with paw in mouth....looking scared. The box needs a log book also and probably a new box too while a letterbox pal is at the location. Oct 5, 2104. Thanks for all the help. I cannot tend to the box as I am out of the area in Ca. Gwen

Hike: almost a drive by with good RV parking, stroller and dog friendly

From I 84 in Twin Falls take exit 173 south crossing over the I. B. Perrine Bridge. Park on the west side of the bridge, following signs to the Visitor’s Center, which is behind OutBack Steak House. After reading about that little man Perrine (take a look at the statue) walk easterly under the bridge a short distance along the bike path until you approach a semicircular bench lined rest area set back from the river/bridge viewing areas.
Rest your dawgs at Scott J. Sterling’s Rest area. In the distance up river you will see a buff colored mound near the cliff side. That was Evel Kneivel’s launch ramp when he attempted to cross to the northern cliff. Please hold on to your children and dawgs.

Clues: Head east 68 steps from the last bench in the half circle of benches. Look for the letterbox at the base of a lone juniper tree on your left. Be nice to the dawg and use your smallest stamp to log in. Be discrete as the Bike path is well used. After your visit to the box head over to Michael’s and get some stamp supplies.