Hinckley WWI Memorial Letterbox  LbNA # 9861

Placed DateAug 6 2004
LocationHinckley, ME
Found By angel treads
Last Found Sep 20 2008
Hike Distance?

Hinckley WWI War Memorial Letterbox

George Walter Hinckley had this memorial made to commemorate the men and women from Hinckley that served in WWI. It was started in 1923 and finished in 1925. Two bronze plaques were originally placed in the arch listing the names of those who served. One plaque is missing and the other is in the L. C. Bates Museum. Also saved were the letters written to Hinckely by those over seas. They were sealed in a cooper box and placed behind one of the plaques, but after the vandalism the letters were recovered and are also in the museum. At the time of construction the arch stood alone on the hill in majestic tribute. The forest now surrounds it.

This box is approximately six miles from Interstate 95, going north on 201 towards Skowhegan. You can park in the lot behind the Moody Memorial Chapel on the grounds of the Goodwill-Hinckley School. After parking your car, walk to the front of the chapel where the paved path is and turn left heading north. A path will appear on your right leading closer to 201. Take this path until the guard rail appears on the right, From there look to your left and up the hill and you will see the stone arch. Walk up to the arch and then through. Once you have the arch at your back look left for a path at 24 degrees. Just after entering this path look down on your left for a pile of old logs. Covered in this pile is the treasure.

Just up the road is the Muhammad Ali Letterbox Series!

For more information about the museum, go to www.gwh.org.