Muhammad Ali Letterbox Series  LbNA # 9862

Placed DateAug 6 2004
LocationHinckley, ME
Found By autumnrose
Last Found Jun 4 2010
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Muhammad Ali Letterbox Series

This series is located on the walking trails behind the L. C. Bates Museum, which is adjacent to the Goodwill-Hinckley School grounds. The museum is open May through mid November; Wed.-Sat. from 10:00-4:30 and Sun. from 1:00 to 4:30. It is a great little museum with lots to offer and the curator is very helpful. Small admission charged. For more information about the museum visit You can get a map of the trails in the museum foyer. They are free and a great help! This is a nice spot for a picnic also.

The museum is located 5 miles off Interstate 95 on Route 201 North. You can park behind the museum off the side of the driveway. You will see a large trail map on a board and a steel sculpture. The trail you need is past the sculpture. Take the trail on the left that takes you past a green picnic table and the “Big White Oak” sign. Continuing on this trail you will see a bench of stone and then a glimpse of a field on your left. After a small walk you will come to an intersection where you should continue straight, following the white blazes. After a short walk you will see a “theatre” down and on your right. A little walk later you will come to several benches and a sign pointing the trail to the right. In front of you should be a small stone monument to Roosevelt. With the stone monument in front of you and the benches to your back, take a reading of 210 degrees to the left and you will find a LONG birch log on the ground (there are short ones too!). Hidden underneath this log is Box #1.

Take the steps on the path down the hill behind the stone monument. You will pass site #4 “Under the Hemlock trees” and a bench. Keep going. At the intersection go straight. You will soon see two stone pillars marking the entrance to the Dartmouth Trail. Pass through the pillars and look behind the pillar on your right under some stones for Box #2.

Continue on the trail for a good distance. The trail will come to a “Y”. Take the trail straight ahead and on the right, following the white/green/white blazes. You will soon see a log lean-to. With the lean-to behind you and facing SW at 240 degrees, take 14 paces to a double trunked tree for Box #3.

You can continue on the path that goes behind the lean-to over a small split log bridge between the white/green/white blazes, or retrace your steps back the way you came.

These trails get a fair amount of traffic and most of it is kids, so please rehide the boxes well so they might have a chance to last.

Just down the road is the Hinckley WWI Memorial Letterbox!