Gabriella's Flag  LbNA # 9876

Placed DateAug 7 2004
LocationWest Orange, NJ
Planted ByHillel    
Found By The Keswick Clan
Last Found Aug 17 2013
Hike Distance?

November 26, 2004: Update, after the original stamp had gone missing we recarved and replaced today.

July 31, 2005: The box is still there in great shape, some of the clues needed to be updated due to some over growth of the trail, please see update below.

Start out by taking Rt 280 in either direction. Get off at Exit 8B, Prospect Ave. At the third traffic light you will need to turn right onto Eagle Rock Ave. Continue up around the curve of the road. The Eagle Rock Diner will be on your right, and the entrance to the park will be .2 miles afterwards on the left side of the road.

Once you enter the park continue straight on the road and park in front of the 9/11 memorial. This memorial was erected in the spring of 2002. Initially after September 11th people turn this gorgeous view of NYC into a memorial of their own. The entire wall was covered with poems and stories that people wrote, to express how they felt. This memorial is now standing so we can always remember.

Once you are done soaking in the view, start with your back towards “Gabriella.” Walk straight until you reach the “Y” and take the path due north. At the “Remembrance and Rebirth” sign take a left to cross the parking lot. Take 123 steps straight to the next road.

When you hit the road take a right and follow the road until you reach a gravel path at 260 degrees. The path will split 3 ways; follow the yellow trail going straight ahead. The path splits and turns often so make sure you follow the yellow markers.

Once you reach the intersection of the blue and yellow, take the trail on the right and blue is the color you now want. You will come to a tree in the middle of the trail ending a bed of rock. Count 50 steps to where the trail curves slightly right, down a rocky hill. Continue down the rocky trail. At the Bottom of the hill with a large tree directly on your left, stop. Update 7-31-05: since we planted the box a new trail seems to have formed going off to the left at this point, and the real trail has overgrown a bit. Please make sure you take the path to the right in order to find the correct section of rocks.At 280 degrees under a large rock you will find Gabriella’s Flag.

Once you recover the box, continue the way you were heading down the blue trail. You will soon approach a four way intersection. Take a right on the white trail. The trail will soon appear to end at a wide road. However if you take a right you will soon see white markers again as you head towards the gravel. Take a left onto the gravel path and continue straight until you once again reach the beginning.