Buffalo Bill Cody  LbNA # 9890

Placed DateAug 7 2004
LocationGolden, CO
Found By Grace to You
Last Found Jun 10 2016
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Last EditedOct 11 2015

*Please note that Bill's logbook is full! I am headed that way soon to replace it, but if you get there before me just place a paper with your stamp on it in the book! You are also welcome to stamp on the backs of pages and double up if you can find a spot! Thanks!*

What a fabulous history William F. Cody left! At the tender age of 14 he responded to an advertisement for the Pony Express seeking "young, skinny men, excellent riders, willing to face danger and death, preferably orphans"! He made history with the Pony Express, spent time as a scout on and off during his life, acted on the stage, wrote Dime novels and.. that's just the beginning!
When still a youth, William F. Cody earned the nickname, 'Buffalo Bill', when he supplied the army with buffalo meat.
Still young, he created the famous show, 'Buffalo Bill's Wild West' which was full of cowboys, Indians, Annie Oakley and a host of others. They traveled the world performing for kings and queens, bringing a taste of the vanishing west to faraway lands.
Before he died, he made several requests that he be buried on Lookout Mountain near Golden, Colorado. Johnny Baker, Bill's foster son, said that Buffalo Bill had taken him to Lookout Mountain several different times and told him, "Boy, when I die, bury me here at the end of the trail and the place where the sod above me will command a view of the plains I love so well"
After his death on January 10, 1917, 20,000 people came to pay their respects to the great man.
On June 3, 1917 he was buried atop the mountain, overlooking the vast plains over which he had in life so often roamed.

You will not be disappointed if you take a few minutes to visit the museum here. It is only a few dollars to enter and contains actual posters, photographs, clothing, costumes, saddles and more from Buffalo Bill's life and the Wild West show.

From I-70 west of Denver, take exit 256 and follow the signs. It's about 4 miles from the highway.

His grave rests near the museum on the top of the hill with all of eastern Colorado spread before you. It's said that you can see four states from there. After you visit the beautiful gravesite, return to the parking lot and walk to the NW end to the steps. You'll need to use your best scout skills, so go slow and pay attention! Down the steps and turn left towards the nature center. Walk approximately 120 steps. Stop, turn left (East). You should see a pine tree near the top of the hill. Walk 24 paces east to the large boulders below the tree. Two boulders nestle against each other. Under their SW side Buffalo Bill lies beneath them behind a few sheltering stones.

PLEASE PLEASE BE DISCREET! Make sure the box is pushed all the way back in to it's hiding spot with the rocks pushed in to cover it! This box was lost once already.. please make sure that NO ONE IS WATCHING YOU and that it is completely recovered and out of sight!

New stamp and journal placed on 7/16/05

Although many years apart, Buffalo Bill and Esmerelda (and perhaps another Colorado letterboxer) share the same birthday. She's not as good with a gun but she has a really cool hat.

A handcarved stamp and handmade journal.

Very easy for children and only a few minutes from the parking lot. Wheelchairs wouldn't make it, but you may be able to get a stroller to the spot.