Placed DateAug 7 2004
LocationAshland, KY
Found By kstar
Last Found Jan 23 2010
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In search of the RACELAND DERBY......

Easy drive or walk up....Bring a stamp pad. Best visited in the early morning.

You thought the Kentucky Derby was the most famous horse race in the world? Not in these parts! This race has a town named after it!

This nice, flat, parcel of land along the Ohio River was once the site of a first class horse racing facility. Back in 1924 it was buzzing with activity since horse racing was so popular during that time. Since the automobile was still in it's infancy, and most people used horses to get around, this must have been like watching the Daytona 500!

Driving directions to the site....Take US 23 North out of Ashland towards Greenup. At the bottom of a hill is a stop light next to a Super Quik convenience store. From this point it's about 1 mile on your right. Look for the new historical marker next to a golf driving range. There's a gravel parking lot that's a good place to stop.

Get out your compass and stamp pad and proceed to the base of the new historical marker. Stop and take time to read the sign and check out the map of the area as it appeared in 1924. Some of the features still exist today. Using your compass you can find a few. Now, let's get busy.....You can imagine the sights, sounds, and smells of the old horse track, back in the day.......maybe the clang from the blacksmith's hammer, or the whinny of a high strung Kentucky thoroughbred.......Oh well, back to the box.....Go to the white Clubhose Golf sign. From the sign, take 19 paces (2 steps to a pace) Southeast along the fence. Look for the small 3x4' tupperware container at the base of a metal fence post close to a little sweetgum tree.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to Raceland, Kentucky.....Now you know how it got its name!