Dart's Day of Rejoicing  LbNA # 9903 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 7 2004
LocationScull Shoals, GA
Found By Knit Wit
Last Found Nov 26 2004
Hike Distance?

Bring your own ink!
Difficulty: easy

"Joseph Anthony Moore! You get home right now!" Dart's mother yelled across the town so loudly that he could hear it all the way down at the river. "Sorry, David, I've got to go, maybe we can fish some more tomorrow" he said as he took off running, as always, thus his nickname, Dart. As he entered the house, he saw him, his brother Andrew back from the War Between the States! "Andrew!" he yelled, rejoicing at the sight of him. "I missed you so much." "Dart, please go to the store for me and bring back some flour so I can make an apple pie to celebrate your brother's return." As Dart was running past the superintendent's house to the store, he tripped over a root where he found another reason to rejoice--a treasure he never would have found had he not looked under the root!