Joseph Whidbey  LbNA # 9908 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2004
LocationOak Harbor, WA
Planted ByMagiq    
Found By Snoho Panther
Last Found Aug 31 2007
Hike Distance?

Letterbox is at Joseph Whidbey State Park. Take highway 20 into Oak Harbor. Turn west on Whidbey Avenue. At the second light turn right onto Heller St. At the first light turn left on NW Crosby Ave. Go 2 miles through windy roads through the countryside to the park. The park entrance is on your right. If you go just past the park entrance there is a “Scenic Pullout” labeled that has free parking and access to the park. If you wish to park inside the State Park it costs $5.00 per day.

There are spectacular views of the Olympic mountains, the San Juan Islands, and Mt. Baker from this beach. It is a beautiful beach, lots of sand for sandcastles, rocks and shells for beach combing, picnic areas (covered and uncovered), BBQ pits, bathrooms, running water. A very nice location for an afternoon’s outing. The box will require a hike of about 1 mile round trip over level sandy path, accessible with a double jogger stroller. Also, for bird watchers... there is a resident pair of nesting Bald Eagles. Of course the other native inhabitants.. rabbits, finches, sea gulls, etc. Great wildlife viewing area. I hope you enjoy the spot!

****Hand Carved Stamp***
This is a relatively easy box that is friendly to kids and dogs. It is not handicap accessible for the walking part, but the view can be enjoyed from the street.

From the parking lot at the park go down the hill to the covered picnic area. From the Scenic Pullout follow the trail at the north end of the parking lot to the covered picnic area. The bathrooms are up the hill near the park parking lot (just in case you have kids…). From the covered picnic area go towards the sign at 120 degrees, it has information about the park. Head towards the water to regain the trail that parallels the beach, head towards Mt. Baker ( 60 degrees). Before you go very far make sure and notice the Eagle’s nest in the top of the large trees that are to your right. One of the parents is usually perched at the top of the trees. Continue on this trail. You are on the right track if you see the remains of a sign of the past still standing tall, cobblestone pathway (twice), cat tails swaying in the breeze, and large wooden hand with a thumb and two fingers pointing up. When you see the sign that you are leaving park property, you have gone too far. Stop here, sight 240 degrees to a large, hollow driftwood log, quietly inside you will discover its secret. Please make sure the letterbox stays double bagged and sealed tightly so that high storm tides and rains do not damage it. Return the way you came or follow the beach back. It is a lovely walk either way!

Please let me know when you find the letterbox and the condition it is in.
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