Red Squirrel  LbNA # 9909 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 8 2004
CountySanta Cruz
LocationSanta Cruz, CA
Found By Coralgeo
Last Found May 15 2005
Hike Distance?

Red Squirrel Lives in a Hollow Tree Stump, carefully covered with leaves,in a beautiful park in the redwoods.
Step 1)To find Squirrel,going north on Highway 1 from Watsonville, take the Morrisey exit in Santa Cruz. Pass over Highway 1, stopping at the first stoplight, corner of Morrisey and Fairmont.
Step 2)Turn right on Fairmont until the end. Turn right onto North Branciforte. Proceed across Highway 1 up to Branciforte Drive. Turn Left on Branciforte Drive, being careful to keep to the right at the three way intersection. Continue aprox. 1.3 miles, passing De Laveaga park to the George Washington Picnic Area. Enter the Picnic area, park on the left hand side and end of the picnic area. Walk to the convenience station. From the corner of the Men's restroom continue down the service road aprox. 44 paces. You will see a dumpster in the distance. Stop at 44 paces, turn 45 degrees to your left and you will see two tall redwoods with a Stump between them. Good Luck!
To find Red Squirrel going south on Highway 1 from San Jose, Take the Morrisey exit to the stop sign on Fairmont. Then follow directions beginning with step 2 above.Good Luck!